Check Out Square One

Here in Square One you can do all basic computer functions such as, check social networks, Skype with friends & Family, check e-mails, browse the web,etc. It doesn’t stop there. We have additional software for editing photos, word processing, spreadsheets, slideshow presentations, as well as a high speed desktop scanner, laser/inkjet printers, and a plethora of laptops and tablets.

Check Out Lights, Camera, Apple

In Light’s, Camera, Apple we have the industry standard in all professional graphic design, photography, video editing, web design, and animation software. We also got the powerful hardware to go with it such as 3 HD display monitors and a 21″ Wacom display tablet that lets you draw directly onto it!

Check Out Lennon’s Lounge

In Lennon’s Lounge we everything you need to be the next great musician! Find yourself lost in our library of high quality software instruments and samples, or record traditional instruments directly into your DAW of choice with our digital to analog converter!

Check Out Green Acres

In Green Acres you can film yourself as you travel the world on our state-of-the-art green screen and HD cameras, or get professional quality photos taken at a DIY price by one of our camera experts!

Welcome to KnowDibs! Your creation destination!

Business FOR SALE: $99,500 OBO

KnowDibs is a new business designed to make your experience with technology and gadgets more fun, friendly, economical, and hassle-free. KnowDibs is here to help its customers understand how to use technology. KnowDibs can help you with your next project, gadget, problem, or need. KnowDibs has high performance computers, blazing fast Internet, professional studio equipment, and private workspaces. Business FOR SALE: All equipment and furniture for $99,500. You can purchase this well equipped office space to use at my location or yours.

What You Can Do

The possibilites at KnowDibs are endless. We can scan in photos, receipts, business cards, and other documents, as well as print high quality documents & photos, design marketing tools for your new or existing business (logos, letterhead, business cards, brochures, etc.), create stunning web sites, edit and share videos, create and perform music, design 3D and 2D animations, create and illustrate comics, create slideshows (photos and powerpoints), create publications (magazines, newsletters, e-books), and much more!

What You Can Learn

Here at KnowDibs we can pair you up with a “Personal Teknology Coach” that can work with you on a project as complex as designing marketing material for a new business, or something as simple as teaching you how to use a smartphone.

What We Can Help With

Our staff is fluent in many types of professional software such as Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Microsoft Office, Adobe Master Collection, Final Cut Studio, iWork, iLife, Auto-CAD, and much more… Don’t let that intimidate you. Our staff takes pride and being able to communicate the most complex information, in a language anyone can understand!