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Could we be seeing 5G sooner than we think?

According to Engadget the UK government has dumped close to $19 Million into 5G research! Read more about it here!

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Capturing video using Quicktime X…

Mac Tip of the Week A lot of people go out and spend money on third party applications that have the ability to record your screen. Little do they know, you can easily capture video of your...

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Hubble takes a look into our past…

Hubble recently took a look into our past by photographing the furthest point in the universe we have ever observed!

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Maschine 1.8 with Massive out now!

Just a reminder to all of the Maschine users out there, the 1.8 update is now available as well as the free fully-featured version of Massive that comes with the 1.8 update. The 1.8 update...

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Setting up your E-Mail on a Mac…

Mac Tip of the Week Using Apple's Mail application is a very easy and convenient way to send and receive E-mails. In this video, it shows you how to set up your E-Mail account in a few easy...

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