Hear what our clients say about working with us!

Ihave worked on several projects with Zak at Knowdibs over the past year. I have had several VHS tapes converted to DVDs, some custom video editing, and extra copies made for clients. I have also had my new laptop files transfered from my old laptop by Zak, he even found and removed virus’s from both my laptop and desktop computers. He has also tutored me and my wife on several programs including the new version of Microsoft Windows 8. Zak has always been cheerful, polite, and knowledgeable in the services he has been involved in with me and my wife. Even if I have a quick question, he has taken the time to get me back on track. I am looking into having Zak make a new web-page for my wife’s interior design business. I am glad Knowdibs is available to me and my company to assist me in my computer and tech needs.

- Bud (Prudential Florida Realty)


KnowDibs a new place to learn about anything that involves a computer. Please accept my personal reference and recommendation for using the KnowDibs Computer Services Company located at 4445 Bonita Beach Rd. Bonita Springs Florida. I first learned about the services offered by KnowDibs one day shopping at the Naples Apple Store. I was having issues using Final Cut Pro 10, a very complex video editing program when one of the Apple Store staff members told me to give KnowDibs a try. The knowledge and skills gained while working in this friendly environment gave me the experience needed to excel in producing various HD videos that our company currently uses for sales marketing. The staff at KnowDibs work diligently with their customers to hone your personal skills using software applications that would normally take the average person hours to master. Designing web sites, working one-on-one with customers, or troubleshooting computer problems, they can do it all!

- Wayne (President, Aggressor & Dancer Fleet)


KnowDibs was a big help getting me started with an iPad plus various items on the iPhone. I also took several other classes that were helpful.

- Penny

I was lucky enough to discover KnowDibs and Zak in time to correct the many problems that a production house in Naples had left in a TV commercial for my novel, “The Devlin Deception.” Zak’s work was brilliant, creative, collaborative and extremely cost-effective, and I would not hesitate to recommend him and KnowDibs’ well-equipped studio to anyone. I’ve also sent him several people with computer problems, and have had enormously positive feedback from them on his expertise in that area, as well. A solid A plus from me.

- Jake Devlin (Author, “The Devlin Deception”)


I have been very happy with the friendly and knowledgeable service we’ve received at KnowDibs. Turn around is fast and the prices are very fair. I’ve already recommended you to business associates.

- Tony (President, Your Home Publishing Inc.)


It has been a pleasure working with KnowDibs on projects for my real estate websites and marketing. Zak’s extensive knowledge in technology, web development, video and music production has allowed them to offer a rare one stop shop for all things tech and marketing. I look forward to working with them well into the future.

- Marie (Naples Dwell)


If you are vacationing, retired, or “working from home”, KnowDibs is very helpful. Small groups, individual support, and wonderful staff! If difficulties cannot be resolved onsite, they will schedule home visits.

- Liz


KnowDibs helped me with their green screen and even taught me how to use powerpoint to help promote my book!

- Deirdre Marie Capone (Author, “Uncle Al Capone”)