The future of performing digitally produced music!

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Performing electronic music live can be tough because there are so many tracks, effects, and automation added in post-production that it can be nearly impossible to recreate the song live. The most favored way for an electronic music performance has been in the form of a DJ set. However with innovations in technology the lines between DJ and live production have blurred. list of websites . These musicians are finding more tools to recreate the effects and post-production additions live. This not only pushes the genre of electronic music forward, but also opens up a whole new realm of creativity in the DJ world. In the video above you can even see that a whole band of electronic musicians can play together and even send their MIDI signals to the visual team to create an awesome experience!

Google Fiber

Next Generation Internet/TV

You can definitely count us in when Google Fiber is available in our neck of the woods. With download speeds capable of 1 Gbps (125 MB/s) you could download a HD movie in less than 30 seconds. Keep in mind download speeds are limited by the server in which you are downloading from so it may take a few years for servers to catch up to these incredible speeds. As of right now Google Fiber customers are getting speeds up to 200 Mbps (25 MB/s) which is still incredible. relevant domains . Not to mention you can choose their “free internet” option and only pay $300 for a one time construction fee and enjoy speeds comparable to Century Link’s DSL service. Find out more about this incredible technology by coming into KnowDibs or following this link…

How to make a Mountain Lion restore drive/DVD…

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Mac Tip of the Week

Having a Mountain Lion restore drive/DVD is great if you wan’t to install or re-install OSX on multiple Macs without having to wait for it to download. Having a Mountain Lion restore drive/DVD is also very helpful if you need to install OSX on a newly formatted HDD (hard disk drive) or SSD (solid-state drive)! Follow the steps in the video or come on in to KnowDibs to create a Mountain Lion restore drive/DVD for yourself! Gideramisbio .

iPhone 5 connector rumor…

The new iPhone 5 will definitely feature a new connector. The question is, how large will it be? Continue reading more on this story here… expired domain list hac rrisd . Passliseconggard .

Mountain Lion install…

We are currently in the process of installing Mac OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion on our 15″ MacBook Pro (Edison) and our 21.5″ iMac (Bob). If all goes well you can expect to see it on all of our workstations in the next month! buy domain mycaar .

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